Go global fast with Adrenawin

More countries, more deposit options, more players, just get more and more

At Adrenawin we believe going global with your casino is the way to really hit the big time. We say this as we've seen it, and done it.

Sponsorships and Marketing

Get some big sponsor deals and grow your brand

We help casinos with marketing approaches, especially when it comes to sports teams or other major sporting events.

Improve your bottom line

Better margins in every part of your business

We help casinos improve their margins by renegotiation agreements with PSPs, Game Providers, Banks and more. Get the same service, just pay less. It's win-win.

Emerging Market Gaming Growth

Go big into new geo's with confidence, with country assessments, deposit methods and ongoing support

In the dog eat dog world of online gaming, continuous growth is essential. Sitting still will ultimately to diminishing market share and the slow burn of your casino to nothing.

At Adrenawin we're actively involved in some of the worlds biggest gaming brands, support their ambitious expansion plans with relentless growth the goal, all whilst keeping everything above board.

We'd be delighted to welcome your casino into our niche group of casino winners.

market analysis

How do you compare against your competitors and the industry as a whole? Answering this question can help to ensure you don't leave players and GGR to others instead of you.

We perform an expert market analysis to ensure you are competing as efficiently as you can be, before using our market knowledge to suggest areas to grow your online casino profits.


They may be existing deposit methods you are not utilising, or new deposit methods for emerging markets. Whatever you need to grow your casino we can assess and implement.

In the highly competitive casino world, its worth making the deposit process as smooth as possible for the player.

new countries

Expand into new countries, with the Adrenawin market knowledge and compliance and regulatory knowledge behind you. We can get you to market in a new country rapidly, laying out all the risks and rewards on offer. A quick conversation with us can help open up casino growth options into many new countries.

License Application

Sometimes growth requires a new licence, which we sort for you, without hassle, whilst ensuring the licence in question works for your plans.

Payment Processing

Accepting payments as an egaming business is a massive challenge, so partnering with Adrenawin will reduce a lot of payment issues for you.


Find the right people to support your expansion plans. Having an expert in online casinos in emerging markets can make all the difference.

Crypto Deposits

Grow you customer base by tapping into a rapidly growing Crypto gaming community. We provide everything you need to expand.

Find the Right People

Hire the right people for your growth aspirations

Growing a massive casino will ultimately come down to the people that support your business.

Getting experts is essential. For example, it's no good employing someone with 20 years UK gaming experience for an offshore casino targeting the rest of the world, its a different skill set. It's also no good employing a 10 year card payments veteran to head up your crypto deposits, its totally different.

We understand these differences and can easily screen these non-suitable candidates before they get to you.

What's more, we have access to almost unlimited candidates for each casino specialism. Find out more about iGaming Recruitment.

offshore casino experts

Adrenawin are very willing to support a transition to internal staff if required, passing on our offshore casino expertise to your casinos team. We help with screening CV's and a range of other tasks to help with online casino recruitment.


We facilitate introductions to the main game providers, including established high profile providers as well as the emerging ones. Most game providers have companies to cater to all licence types, incorporated around the world. With Adrenawin we can help get you every game on every licence including Curacao.


Using an aggregator or going direct to a game provider is a frequently asked question. Using an aggregator can help reduce tech time to integrate, however going direct can save you money. We have helped many casinos negotiate direct deals with the game providers, or improving their current deals with aggregators.

Casino Bank Accounts

If you're licensed in offshore markets, we can get you a bank account that works for you, to support your global plans.

Country Specific Advisory

Get specific advice for the countries you want to expand within, from market analysis to practical implementation

Alternative Payments

Expand by maximising deposits from existing and new players with wide range of alternative payments, bespoke to each country.

Back Office Support

Expert back office support from customer support to operations and KYC / player checks, from a team who has seen it all.

Casino Growth FAQs

Grow your casino with the industry experts

Don't leave your future success to chance, have a look at our FAQs and then ask us how we can help you.


Do gaming licenses have to be renewed?

Yes. All licenses have to be renewed and reviewed. This is to ensure you're still operating under the rules of your license and you will be required to prove this with your renewal application. We can handle renewals for you and maintain compliance through regular bookkeeping as your accounting firm.

What will stop us from getting a gambling license?

There are many factors that will affect this process, the first of which will be a criminal conviction. If you have one, you won't get a license. Then things such as general compliance, who are you, who are the directors, where are you based, how will you check players and handle payments, will you do KYC/AML checks, where has the money come from to start the casino, how will the game be financed etc Speak with us to determine your eligibility for certain licenses.

How long does it take to get a gaming license?

It really depends on how prepared you are for compliance and what license you require. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to get sorted, or longer if your business is not yet ready for the license to be issued.

What is a gaming license?

Well simply put, you cannot facilitate the act of gambling without a suitable license, be that in a physical casino or an online egaming platform. It is illegal around the world to do so, while each licence only allows the operation of such business in certainly locations and to certain nationals. Speak with a specialist consultant or lawyer before starting any gambling business.

How much is a gaming license?

Gaming licenses vary greatly, as do the costs. Prices start from £15,000 for the easiest and least intrusive to secure licenses, up to £100,000 per year for some of the more complex jurisdictions and licenses. it will really depend on where you need to license and what type of egaming license you require.

How do you get a gaming license?

Securing a gaming license is not a simple process and should be carried out be specialists in the industry. You will need to provide significant documentation to prove your compliance and suitability for the license, no matter where that license may be from.

What games can be licensed from Curacao?

There are no restrictions on the types of games that can be licensed, making Curacao attractive for a whole host of different games such as bingo, lotto, poker, crash, slots, competitions, sportsbooks and betting.

Can I complain to a Curacao casino?

Being licensed out of Curacao does not come with the same level of restriction of requirement as other jurisdictions. The cost is lower and the process simpler and unfortunately this often means that customer services is at the bottom of the list for those running the site. You can complain of course and depending on the platform and their desire to keep you as a customer, you may get the support you need.

Do Bitcoin gambling sites need a licence?

Online gaming sites accepting Bitcoin are required to obtain a licence before operating, in the same way a 'normal' gambling site would. However, the process of obtaining a licence for a cryptocurrency gambling site is considerably harder - licencing authority options are extremely limited. If you wish to open an online casino accepting cryptocurrencies, leading online gaming experts Adrenawin can obtain a crypto gaming licence for you.

Where should I incorporate my online casino?

There are a few countries where you can incorporate an online casino, along with a suitable licence for your activities. The countries are, on the most part, UK (plus Isle of Man and The Channel Islands), Gibraltar, Malta, Curacao and Antigua & Barbuda. Remember, the licencing country will have a set list of requirements including countries you must geo-block for your gambling activities. Online gaming experts Adrenawin will be able to explain the difference between all the different options.

How much is an online gaming licence?

Online egaming licenses, also know as remote gambling or betting licences vary in cost depending on the issuing jurisdiction. The cost will further vary depending on whether the gambling authority requires you to have a company in the jurisdiction (increasing costs) and which countries are white-listed. As such, an online gaming licence cost can range from tens of thousands of US Dollars upwards.

Where can I get a Payment Service Provider for my Online Gambling site?

Accepting debit or credit cards online via a PSP for any gaming, egaming, remote gambling, casino or betting site will be challenging. However, it is possible and you can apply for a Payed payement gateway via Harvex here.The most important factor is you are likely to have far more success when applying for a PSP via an existing contact of the Payment Service Providers, who the PSP's know and trust. The payment provider will want to ensure chargebacks and fraud are minimal, and this is helped by robust company processes, the correct license and ongoing compliance. Companies such as Harvex have strong relationships with Gaming/Gambling PSP's, which can help support your application, both on a success rate and also on timescales.

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