Offshore Casino Advisory


Andrenawin advise on a wide range of topics, all carefully focussed on offshore casinos. Our aim is simple - help you expand, whilst keeping you compliant, utilising our many, many years of detailed experience.


De-risk your casino in a smart way, from regulatory risk, to compliance risk, to structural risk, to commercial risk.


We provide in-depth, experienced and specialist advisory to crypto casinos, and our team have since 2017.

online gaming licence

Expert support tailored to your business model to get the ideal gambling license, with a guaranteed bank account

Jurisdiction/ Geo Consultancy

Which emerging markets are acceptable and how best to optimise for an offshore casinos? What is the risk/reward?

Game Providers and Aggregators

Which providers accept casinos licenced offshore? Which rates should you pay? We answer this for you.

Payments, PSPs and Banking

From our many years in the business, we have extensive connections and experience in all forms of payments, banking and processing.



Adrenawin advise on a wide range of topics, including new markets, regulation, international structuring, bankimuch more. Our expertise covers niche markets as es continue to evolve.

new markets

With an offshore casino, you cannot sit still or your competitors will slowly chip away at your market share. You have to keep expanding, looking at new markets and ensuring your operate appropriately in these markets. Some markets might be ideal for your type of casino and player, and our job is to ensure you have the advice to quickly grow into new markets.


We are at the forefront of the boom into emerging markets, such as LATAM. Our job is to ensure you have everything you need to effectively expand from advice on each country, popular games to be provided, PSP's. We draw not only on years of experience, but the fact today we are actively involved in major expansions and growth into emerging markets.

current markets

At Adrenawin, we don't just look at extra geo's, we also look at how do we maximise your GGR in your current markets. What are the industry trends? What are others doing? Markets adapt and we are able to ensure you have the latest information regarding deposit methods, games (we know all the major game providers) and compliance matters.


Certain markets sit in the middle, without a clear approach either way. Whereas many see these as problem markets, we don't. We can help assess whether an expansion into markets others may not be looking at is viable. This type of first mover advantage can be a game changer for rapid growth.

Online Gaming License

Get a new licence, switch your licence, get an additional licence

Andrenawin are experts with global gaming licences – we’ve being doing this a long time.

Get an additional licence

There are many reasons why operators are getting a range of licences, ranging from targeting new markets, confusion or uncertainty on future regulatory structures or rebalancing of risk between entities. Whatever your reason, we can advise on not only a suitable structure, but get you as many licences as you need. What's more, we can guarantee a bank account for our licence applications we handle.

switch your licence

A lot of licences are administered by agents, or even agents of agents. In our opinion dealing directly with the senior people in a licencing regime is the only way to ensure you have flexibility and any potential issues can be discussed directly with decision makers, not pointless agents.

Casino Bank Accounts and PSP's

Bank accounts and all things money related for online casinos

Andrenawins' team bring many years’ experience in bank accounts for online casinos, under all the main offshore licences.

banking for curacao casinos

We can arrange bank accounts for your Curacao entity and Paying Agent with relative ease. Our banking partners trust us and as a result we are able to ensure an efficient bank account opening process with all the major payment rails such as SEPA and SWIFT, as well as multiple currencies.

bank account for high risk casino

Don't be put off by other banks telling you your casino is too high risk. We support operators with business models traditional banks consider high risk, such as crypto casinos, casinos targeting emerging markets and more.

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