mfsa onsite visit

Get the support you need for a face to face with the regulator

Having the regulator turn up at your office requires preparation and consideration. At Adrenawin our goal is to ensure you are fully supported, prepared and can effectively complete an MFSA onsite inspection.

Find out more below about our extensive services when it comes to an MFSA inspection.


inspection from the mfsa

Support for calls, video meetings and more

We ensure you have a full remit of support for inspections, from email back and forth, to calls to video meetings. We can provide specialised advice and assistant before and through the MFSA inspection.


remEdiation EXERCISE

Make changes before you're forced too.

We help clients undertake a review and remediation exercise, in advance of an inspection to ensure they are ready.

However, if you are coming to us after your inspection we can guide you through the remediation required as well.

MFSA Regulatory Inspection

What to do when you get a MFSA inspection letter?

Being subject to a regulatory inspection from any regulator can be daunting experience. The Company is usually given a matter of weeks to prepare and is expected to be able to clearly demonstrate a compliant and well organised firm. Negative findings from the inspection can lead to fines, restricted business, reputational damage or worse.

But, do not panic. Whether the MFSA are inspecting you remotely or via an onsite visit, we can help to get your matters in audit to get you through the inspection.

We have decades of combined experience in regulatory matters, across a range of regulated businesses such as banks, EMI's, Payment Firms, FX, Crypto,  and other Investment Funds.

what to expect from the mfsa?

Regulatory inspections are of course a serious matter. Whether this is a standard check, or a result of a more serious matter, every regulatory inspection must be treated with the upmost professionalism from the regulated business.

During an inspection, the MFSA are going to expect you to be well prepared, able to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of your systems and processes including Governance, Risk Management, IT Security and Financial Crime Compliance. Of course, expect them to review select clients from onboarding through to transactional monitoring. The regulator is also going to want to talk to the relevant staff, ensuring they are competent.

The regulator is expecting to be able to ask questions and have them answered there and then, the MFSA want to be able to leave without any concerns about the running of your business.

what to expect from us?

Experience, stability and support.

We are experienced, we've done this multiple times. It may be your first inspection, but it isn't ours. We work closely with you providing as much support and guidance as you request or require in a well organised, structured process.

When working with us, you'll see we are in control of the process and systematically pass on our knowledge and experience during the preparation and audit itself. Our entire aim is to fully prepare you and, if needs be, put things right before its too late.

We know how to work with the regulator, but we also know how to work with you, our client, to ensure you have peace of mind.

Post Inspection Remediation

We like to get ahead of any potential issues or concerns, however, we appreciate that is not always the case. If you have already had an inspection and have work to do, we are ready to step in to give you the peace of mind your company is secure for the future with our full suite of services.

MFSA Relationship

Having a good relationship with the regulator is important. We don't shy away in the background. We are happy to lead from the front, responding to enquires and reviewing communication on your behalf as well as joining meetings and phone calls as your representatives.

FIAU Inspections and Investigations

Perhaps you're inspection is not just from the MFSA. Again, there is no need to panic. Our team have a in-depth experience of providing FIAU inspections support as well, and we will align our responses and work between both the MFSA and FIAU if required.

Internal and Process Review

Reviewing systems and clients in advance, as well as preparing your staff for the inspection

Being prepared is critical. Its important to demonstrate you know what you are doing and have all your internal matters in order.

We review everything that the MFSA may look at, using our experience to spend our time in the appropriate areas.

staff guidance

Staff should give clear and concise answers to questions without waffle, if the particular member of staff doesn't know they need to know who to refer to.

Staff should also be able to give a clear run through of systems and processes, explaining the areas of interest to the MSFA.

Demonstrating knowledge is important, which is why we prepare your staff to not only show they are competent, but also communicate this is a professional way.

compliance & risk review

We review all compliance and risk related materials, ensuring these materials are to sufficient standard. The team at Adrenawin have the experience to notice any gaps in the polices and procedures, allowing this to be corrected before the inspection.

Importantly, we make sure that compliance and risk polices and frameworks are implemented in day to day operations, and can be clearly demonstrated to the regulator.

client review

We review your clients, their onboarding files, and their transactional activity without any pre-conceived impressions. We review with the experience of what the MFSA will be looking for, challenging where appropriate so you can be prepared for regulatory questions if they are put to you or your team.

EMI's and Payment Firms

We've been at the forefront of EMI and Payment Firm growth in Malta. We've obtained many licences from the MFSA and bring top level support when it comes to all forms of regulatory inspections for EMI's and Payment companies.

Banks, Pensions and Funds

Banking and Funds are massive sectors, with a vast range of regulated activities. Many of these activities adapt and change over time. We ensure that you are up to date in the specific area(s) the MFSA are investigating.

Crypto and New Markets

We've been at the forefront of the crypto sector as it developed in Malta. We've created polices and procedures, reviewed clients and directly liaised with the regulator on crypto topics. We are well poised to support you.

Improving Compliance Framework & Remediation

Putting things right, in advance, during or after

It is worth noting that in the current financial economy, what worked 12 months ago may not work now. Being up to speed with the industry regulation and compliance is something we are very familiar with. We like to share as much of our knowledge with our clients as possible. After all, a well run financial business of any sort is a powerful entity.

Don't forget, it is rare a regulator does not expect some form of remedial action. Whether you've already had an inspection and the MFSA has requirements, or whether you are preparing for one, we have a range of remediation areas we support with.

board and governance

How your company is run from the top has a major impact on the regulator. It could be a new hire is required, such as a specialist Non-Exec, it could be a realigning of roles, or a new committee. Whatever the requirements, we are will positioned to ensure the top of your company is robust.

policy updates

Your paperwork is always read by the MFSA, in detail. It may be a 200 page document, but you can be sure the MFSA will read it all and ensure what you say is happening, is happening. Where the polices need updating and refining, we have the in-depth knowledge to do this.

systems updates

We can review your systems, such as IT, AML, KYC and risk to correct or enhance any gaps. If the MFSA have picked up on an area of concern then we can support with remediation of this, bringing in further third parties if required.

ongoing improvements

The end of the inspection doesn't mean the end of our support. We can provide ongoing improvements and support, ensuring you can always sleep easy at night.

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MFSA Inspection Help FAQs

Got questions? We try to answer your most challenging

We know the industry

When it comes to businesses needing MFSA inspection support, Adrenawin are the leaders in the space. We know exactly how it works, what is needed and how to help you.

Our knowledge

Pick our brains or let us put together the exact account packages that you need, either way Adrenawin have the knowledge you will need to get the MFSA inspection support you need too.

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